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Migration, Demography, & Environmental Change: Global Challenges

Series Editor: Tiffiany Howard and Nerses Kopalyan (both UNLV)

With nationwide population increases driven primarily by recent immigrants and their children, the United States is currently ranked as the third most populous country and has the highest population growth of all the industrialized nations. Of particular significance is that contemporary migratory patterns have altered the country’s demographics to such an extent that it is projected ethnic and racial minorities will comprise a majority of the U.S. population by 2042. Migration, Demography, & Environmental Change promotes works that investigate U.S. migration and population change as these factors relate to the fields of political science, public policy, history, ethnic studies, environmental affairs, sociology, anthropology, education, public health and the health sciences, as well as legal studies.

This book series is interested in works that offer novel insights into the socio-political transformation of the nation in response to contemporary migration trends. Of particular interest are studies that evaluate the relationship between environmental change and population shifts, or research that fosters discourse on migrant health outcomes. At the same time, we welcome any project that represents a significant contribution to the study of migration and the profound impact it has had on the creation and evolution of the United States.

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