Dolly and Zane Grey
Letters from a Marriage

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Editor: Candace C. Kant

Format: Paper
Pages: 472
ISBN: 9780874178623
Published Date: 2011

Popular western writer Zane Grey was a literary celebrity during his lifetime and the center of a huge enterprise based on his writing, which included books, magazine serials, film and stage versions of his stories, even comic strips. His wife, Dolly, closely guided Grey's career almost from its beginning, editing and sometimes revising his work, negotiating with publishers and movie studios, and skillfully managing the considerable fortune derived from these activities.

Dolly maintained the facade of a conventional married life that was essential to Grey's public image and the traditional middle-class values his work reflected. This facade was constantly threatened by Grey's numerous affairs with other women. The stress of hiding these dalliances placed a huge strain on their relationship, and much of Zane and Dolly's union was sustained largely by correspondence. Their letters--thousands of them--reveal the true nature of this complex partnership. As edited by Candace Kant, the letters offer an engrossing portrait of an extremely unorthodox marriage and its times.

Author Bio

Candace C. Kant is professor emerita of history at the College of Southern Nevada.


"This book provides the most fascinating and detailed background to date on the Greys' productive and unconventional relationship. In addition to presenting an intimate close-up of the two protagonists, some of the letters are valuable records of the early-twentieth-century publishing and film industries." -- David Fenimore, University of Nevada, Reno

"Candace Kant has supplemented the selection of letters with passages from the diaries of both partners; her editorial commentary provides coherence and social context to her portrait of a very odd marriage. . . . Kant's assemblage is a more penetrating analysis of the man behind the public persona and especially of the woman who helped to prop up both man and reputation." -- Southwestern American Literature

"Candace Kant's book is an eye-opener, a microscope into the souls of two fascinating individuals and their complicated relationship. Dolly and Zane Grey is hard to put down." -- Wild West History Association Journal