Geology of the Great Basin

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Author: Bill Fiero

Format: Paper
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9780874177909
Published Date: 2009

Geology of the Great Basin is the essential introduction to the geology of this physically complex, ever-changing region. Written in a clear, succinct style and generously illustrated with photographs, diagrams, and maps, the book describes the fundamentals of geologic processes, then discusses the physical attributes and geologic history of the Great Basin. The author also offers readers information about specific sites where significant geologic features can be observed. The book, first published in 1986, is now available in a new, easier-to-handle paperback edition that will make it more convenient for classroom use and for readers who want to carry it with them in their car or backpack.

Author Bio
Bill Fiero, a resident of the Great Basin for over twenty years, logged more than 11,000 miles on highways and dirt roads conducting research for Geology of the Great Basin. He has been published in journals and is also author of Valley of Fire.

“Most travelers through the Great Basin see only the great American Desert. Luckily, there are people like Bill Fiero who can explain this landscape with knowledge and affection. He examines the geologic history of the Basin in an easy and instructive manner. Intended for the general reader, this well-illustrated work mixes basic principles with the latest discoveries in Basin geology.” - Library Journal

“The introduction to geologic concepts that precedes the geologic history will make this book especially useful to nongeologists. . . . Beautiful color and black-and-white photos together with clear geologic diagrams compose nearly half of the book. The reader learns not only the history of the rocks but something of why, for twenty years, this landscape has excited Bill Fiero, both as a geologist and as a teacher.” - Choice

“I recommend Geology of the Great Basin to both the casual and interested readers of natural history, and to the professional earth scientist. Bill Fiero’s writing style and organization, along with the excellent photographs and sketches, make this book an exciting introduction to the earth sciences for the casual reader. For the avid reader of natural history, the beauty of this book is found in the clarity and the wealth of information presented by Fiero.” - A. W. Magee, Progress in Physical Geology

"For anyone curious of the science of the environment of the west, Geology of the Great Basin is a top pick that should not be ignored." - The Midwest Book Review