Hand I Played
A Poker Memoir

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Author: David Spanier

Format: Paper
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9780874174908
Published Date: 2001

David Spanier's writing on gambling has always combined the keen delight of an enthusiast with the clear-eyed scrutiny of the journalist. In this collection of entertaining and enlightening essays, Spanier examines his favorite game of all: poker. From a candid account of his introduction to gambling as a schoolboy at one of England's most prestigious boarding schools, to a fascinating examination of gambling in cyberspace via internet poker groups, Spanier leads us on an engaging tour of the colorful and exciting world of poker.

Author Bio
David Spanier, was one of the world's foremost writers on poker and gambling. His many books included Welcome to the PleasuredomeInside the Gambler's Mind, and Total Poker. Spanier became the world's first poker columnist of a national newspaper when he started a weekly column for The Independent. Spanier also had a long, distinguished career as a diplomatic journalist at The Times and in radio. He died in 2000.

“Spanier captures the language and flavor of the wild and often colorful world of gambling—poker in particular. His lively, entertaining stories—written by a man who knew the best, the classiest, and some of the most talented, sometimes bizarre members of the gambling fraternity—offers insights into high stakes play, Las Vegas and world-class action.” —Howard SchwartzGamblers’ Book Shop, Las Vegas

“Many of the greats of poker are long gone. Ungar, Strauss and even Spanier are names of the past. But what lasts forever are the memories of big hands won and lost. They are never forgotten, those brief moments of splendid victory sandwiched between so many slices of rancid defeat served up by a scowling Lady Luck with snakes in her hair. That is why the game endures.” —Bob ShemeligianLas Vegas Mercury, July 2001