Sand In A Whirlwind, 30Th Anniversary Edition
The Paiute Indian War Of 1860

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Author: Ferol Egan
Foreword: Richard Dillon

Format: Paper
Pages: 360
ISBN: 9780874170979
Published Date: 1985

Sand in a Whirlwind is a dramatic account of the events surrounding hostilities between settlers and Pyramid Paiutes in the spring of 1860. Thirty years after its publication Ferol Egan’s now classic tale continues to enlighten and engage readers.

Author Bio
As a native Californian from Gold Rush country, Ferol Egan developed a love for the American West at an early age. A writer, retired teacher, and historian, Egan is the author of six books including Frémont: Explorer for a Restless Nation, for which he won the Gold Medal for nonfiction from the Commonwealth Club of California. He received the Silver Medal for Sand in a Whirlwind and the California Medal for The El Dorado Trail. He now resides in Berkeley, California.