Eureka And Its Resources

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Author: Lambert Molinelli

Format: Paper
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9780874170696
Published Date: 1982

In the late 1800s, the town of Eureka, Nevada, was seeking new residents and investors to help stimulate its booming economy. To encourage growth, Lambert Molinelli & Company, a real estate firm, published a "complete history" of the area, called Eureka and Its Resources. Written in 1879, this promotional piece claimed Eureka to be the second most important town in Nevada and touted its many virtues: the most prosperous mines in the state; telegraph, stagecoach, and railroad service; handsome new buildings; and plenty of water. To further embellish the town's image and lend some sophistication, local purveyors and businessmen advertised their wares at the end of the book. Eureka and Its Resources is a typical example of the many promotional pieces written in the early days of the West. This reprinted edition preserves all of the original text, advertisements, and illustrations.

Author Bio
Lambert Molinelli was born in Italy in 1853, and his family moved to Eureka in the 1870s. A popular figure in the community, Molinelli often served as spokesman for the many Italians in the area. He owned a safe company and a real estate company. In the few years he was in Eureka County, he was both jack-of-many-trades and a civic booster.

"Eureka and Its Resources is a charming account of mining in boom times and is full of information for the student of western mining. Those who visit Eureka, Nevada, will find a wealth of history here, much of which was vanished from view in the town." —Pacific Historian