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Collected Poems
In this masterful collection of poems, Las Vegas poet Stevens explores the complex connections between life and death, place and experience, the world of books, and the quotidian world of work, pain, and loss.... more

[Paperback] - $13.00
Brian Young is the creator of powerful, sometimes harsh poems that combine outrage with lyricism, brooding melancholy with rich, sensual, even playful language.... more

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Youth, Gambling, and Society
The widespread legalization of gambling across the U.S. has produced concerns for serious social, economic, and health problems.... more

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The Gamblerís Apprentice tells the story of a teenage boy growing up in Texas during desperate times.... more

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Public Policies and the Social Sciences
Because of the rapid spread of permitted gambling, social scientists have begun to examine a variety of associated impacts.... more

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Shifting Boundaries and Cultures
The eight essays in Gambling, Space, and Time use a global and interdisciplinary approach to examine two significant areas of gambling studies that have not been widely exploredóthe ever-changing boundaries that divide and organize gambling spaces, and the cultures, perceptions, and emotions related to gambling.... more

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A Railroad Memoir
The late Frank Wendell Call is very much alive in these pages as he relates the fascinating tale of the rich, adventuresome existence he lived as a child in the Nevada desert along the Southern Pacific railroad line.... more

[Paperback] - $34.95
Tales of Change in the Great Basin
An engaging, well-illustrated natural and cultural history of the oldest living organismóthe bristlecone pine.... more