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The Basques played a remarkably influential role in the creation and maintenance of Spainís colonial establishment in the Philippines.... more

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Alternative Routes to Nationalist Mobilisation
Daniele Conversi's book is a comprehensive introduction to Basque and Catalan nationalism. The two movements have much in common but have differed in the strategies adopted to further their cause.... more

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Shaun Griffin is a poet of impassioned engagementóin the common joys and suffering of the human experience, in the natural world, in the complexity of language and the poet's craft.... more

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A Spiritual Geography of the Great Basin
Believing in Place is the personal testimony of a scientist who discovers the divine in the land he has studied for decades.... more

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The American West is home to some of the best backpacking trips in the world, and within California and Nevada are several outstanding destination trails.... more

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The men who inhabit these stories live in precarious normalcy, balancing dashed dreams with an uncertain progress into maturity, small-town realities with their largely unfulfilled hopes.... more

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Where I Live and Work
An important collection of personal essays from one of the most widely published American environmental writers, Between Grass and Sky addresses the effects of ranching on the environment.... more

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Italian Americans and the Development of Las Vegas
Beyond the Mafia is a significant contribution to the history of Las Vegas and of ethnic minorities in America.... more