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This pocket-sized Basque-English, English-Basque dictionary was designed for a broad audience—students, teachers, people of Basque descent, and travelers—and contains definitions of the most commonly used Basque and English words.... more

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The Basques played a remarkably influential role in the creation and maintenance of Spain’s colonial establishment in the Philippines.... more

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Alternative Routes to Nationalist Mobilisation
Daniele Conversi's book is a comprehensive introduction to Basque and Catalan nationalism. The two movements have much in common but have differed in the strategies adopted to further their cause.... more

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Shaun Griffin is a poet of impassioned engagement—in the common joys and suffering of the human experience, in the natural world, in the complexity of language and the poet's craft.... more

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A Spiritual Geography of the Great Basin
Believing in Place is the personal testimony of a scientist who discovers the divine in the land he has studied for decades.... more

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The American West is home to some of the best backpacking trips in the world, and within California and Nevada are several outstanding destination trails.... more

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This is the second book in a series of detailed guidebooks covering all the best “life-list” backpacking vacations in the spectacular backcountry of the American West.... more

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The men who inhabit these stories live in precarious normalcy, balancing dashed dreams with an uncertain progress into maturity, small-town realities with their largely unfulfilled hopes.... more