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How Nevada Began
In Devils Will Reign, acclaimed historian Sally Zanjani recounts the momentous early history of the territory that is now known as Nevada, weaving the colorful saga of this rowdy frontier into the larger story of national political crises and economic ambitions, rapid development in California, and religious antipathy toward the polygamous Mormons.... more

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Identity, Politics, and Community
The explosion of digital information and communication technologies has influenced almost every aspect of contemporary life.... more

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Essays on Region, History, and Practice
This collection of eight essays examines the health, disease, and medical care of the American West—an area flanked by the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, and Cascade Mountains.... more

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Letters from a Marriage
Edited and with commentary by Candace C Kant
The letters between Zane Grey and his wife Dolly, edited by Candace Kant, offer an engrossing portrait of an extremely unorthodox marriage.... more

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Photography by Robert Dawson, Peter Goin,
Essays by Mary Webb
In A Doubtful River, photographers Robert Dawson and Peter Goin and essayist Mary Webb explore the ways the Truckee's multifarious users relate to the region’s aridity and the precious waters of the river.... more

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Essays on Wallace Stegner
Jackson J. Benson, the noted literary biographer and critic, offers a collection of essays on novelist Wallace Stegner.... more

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Problem and Pathological Gambling
As attitudes toward gambling have changed—as more and more jurisdictions have turned to legalized gambling as a means to create jobs, stimulate investment, shore up tax revenues, and provide new forms of recreation for their citizens—the incidence of problem and pathological gambling has increased.... more

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Loss and Renewal in a Land of Fire
David Strohmaier’s long career as a firefighter has given him intimate knowledge of wildfire and its complex role in the natural world of the American West.... more