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[Hardcover] - $29.95
An Autobiography
Ralph J. Roberts is not a household name in Nevada, but it should be—it was he who discovered the Carlin Belt gold deposits that created a major mining boom in the state in the last four decades of the twentieth century.... more

[Paperback] - $16.95
Political Boss of Nevada
Although Patrick A. McCarran represented one of the least populated states in the country, he gained a national reputation as a U.... more

[Paperback] - $29.95
One City, Many Faces
Las Vegas is known the world over as an oasis of entertainment in the Nevada desert, but to more than a million people of exceptionally varied origins, it is also home.... more

[Paperback] - $18.95
A Natural and Cultural History
This work is an engaging look at the history of the piñon pine and its ecosystem. Combining natural history and observations of the cultural importance of the tree to both native Indians and European settlers, Lanner provides information on the management of the tree and its interdependence with the birds and animals of the piñon-juniper woodland.... more

[Hardcover] - $24.95
The Myth of the Empty
In eight brilliant essays, Fox explores many of the major playas of the American West , examining locations as diverse as Nellis Air Force Base and Frenchman Flat, where the federal government has tested experimental aircraft and atomic weaponry;... more

[Paperback] - $18.95
The Men Who Made Las Vegas
Edited by Jack Sheehan
Las Vegas was largely shaped by a handful of colorful and astute casino operators who turned a dusty desert town into the gaudy, booming holiday mecca that it is today.... more

[Hardcover] - $39.95
Until now, social scientists studying Spanish politics have focused on party systems, regime transition, and election analysis, and anthropologists studying Spain have largely neglected its political parties.... more

[Hardcover] - $34.95
A collection of new essays on notable historic and contemporary Basques of America's Far West that offers a perceptive and lively examination of the lives of one of the West's most resilient and successful ethnic minorities.... more

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