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A History of the Silver State
Michael S. Green, a leading Nevada historian, provides a detailed survey of the Silver State’s past, from the arrival of the early European explorers, to the predominance of mining in the 1800s, to the rise of world-class tourism in the twentieth century, and to more recent attempts to diversify the economy.... more

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Meditations from the Klamath Marshes
Absence and Light is John R. Campbell's account of his exploration of the Klamath marshes, a wetland in southern Oregon formed by three ancient, shallow lakes, and a meditation on the world he found there.... more

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The McCarthy Era at the University of Nevada
Before and during World War II, the University of Nevada, Reno, was small, with fewer than 2,000 students, offering basic programs to a largely Nevada-based student body in the nation’s least-populated state.... more

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Decline in Western Resource Towns
Focusing on two Arizona towns that had their origins in mining bonanzas, Tombstone and Jerome, Eric L.... more

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A Practical and Legal Guide for Nevada Caregivers
Individuals or families receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or brain damage from a stroke face daunting questions: how to provide for care when the patient can no longer manage his or her own affairs, how to protect their rights and property, where to go for help, and how to cope with the day-to-day challenges of fading memory and diminished cognition.... more

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[Paperback] - $27.95
The role of Native American teachers and administrators working in reservation schools has received very little attention, although their work is critical to preparing their students for the future.... more

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The Invention of a Myth
Americans have chosen to invest one small part of their history, the settlement of the western wilderness, with extraordinary significance.... more

[Paperback] - $29.95
Basques in the New World
Amerikanuak is an engaging, comprehensive survey of Basque migration and settlement in the Americas, and an essential introduction to the history of the Basque people and their five centuries of involvement in the New World.... more

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