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[Paperback] - $21.95
Tonopah, Goldfield, Ely
With its wealth of little-known historical data, Nevada's Twentieth-Century Mining Boom chronicles the classic pattern of gold and silver rushes and emphasizes the differences between Nevada's two boom periods--the Comstock Lode of the 19th century and the latter-day boom period of the 20th century.... more

[Hardcover] - $50.00
A History and Bibliography 1854-1979
This new bibliography of Nevada's newspapers supersedes and greatly expands on previous works. More than 800 publications are now included: traditional newspapers, penny shoppers, comic and campaign sheets, entertainment and matrimonial guides, and fictitious newspapers that had life only in the columns of other papers.... more

[Hardcover] - $24.95
A History of Public and Academic Libraries in Nevada
The cultural and intellectual history of the Silver State is examined through the creation of its libraries.... more

[Paperback] - $22.95
Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Elko County
Elko County, in the old heart of Nevada, is rich in historic sites, many of them hitherto uncharted and some verging on disappearing.... more

[Paperback] - $21.95
America’s current "war on drugs" is not the nation’s first. In the mid-nineteenth century, opium-smoking was decried as a major social and public health problem, especially in the West.... more

[Paperback] - $15.95
The Great Central Valley in Life and Letters, Expanded Edition
This expanded edition of The Other California, originally published in 1990, contains nineteen essays (six of them new to this collection) on the landscape, literature, and life in the Great Central Valley of California.... more

[Hardcover] - $39.95,
[Paperback] - $24.95
Wagon Travel from the City of Saints to the City of Angels
Historian Edward Leo Lyman has provided the first history of the complete Southern Route and of the people who developed and used it.... more

[Paperback] - $21.95
A Biography of Walter Van Tilburg Clark
Walter Van Tilburg Clark, author of the classic novel The Ox-Bow Incident helped to change American literature by making the West and its vast, haunted landscapes a legitimate subject for serious fiction.... more