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[Hardcover] - $39.95
War and occupation anywhere test the resilience of local values and institutions and often undermine accepted standards of human conduct.... more

[Paperback] - $24.95
How We Think About the West
The concept of the American West is an essential part of our national psyche. Identifying the West, however, is a difficult matter.... more

[Hardcover] - $29.95,
[Paperback] - $24.95
Imaging the 1930s California Labor Movement
In this groundbreaking interdisciplinary study, Loftis examines the artists who put a human face on the farmworkers’... more

[Paperback] - $24.95
Essays on Major Western Historians
Historians of the American West are indebted to the pioneering scholars of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries such as Frederick Jackson Turner, Walter Prescott Webb, and Herbert Eugene Bolton.... more

[Hardcover] - $44.95
Irrigation, Indian Allotment, and Settlement Along the Lower Colorado River
In the arid American West, settlement was generally contingent on the availability of water to irrigate crops and maintain livestock and human residents.... more