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[Paperback] - $19.95
Las Vegas, 1930-2000, 2nd Edition
The thirty years since 1970 have been the most dramatic period in Las Vegas's history, according to renowned historian Eugene Moehring.... more

[Paperback] - $29.95
An Encyclopedic History of Reno Gaming, 1931-1981
by Dwayne Kling,
Foreword by Rollan Melton
The history of Reno during the first half century is to a great degree the history of Reno’s gaming industry.... more

[Hardcover] - $34.95
An Archaeological History of Reno
When the City of Reno decided at the beginning of this century to create a trench to lower the railroad tracks that ran through its center, archaeologists associated with the ReTRAC (Reno Transportation Rail Access Corridor) project had a unique opportunity to explore the evidence of thousands of years of human history locked beneath downtown’s busy streets.... more

[Paperback] - $29.95
A History of Virginia City and the Comstock Lode
Nevada’s Comstock Mining District has been the focus of legend since it first burst into international prominence in the late 1850s, and its principal settlement, Virginia City, endures in the popular mind as the West’... more

[Hardcover] - $29.95
Rodeo is an enduring relic of America’s popular culture, drawing capacity audiences to all its venues, from small western cowtowns to Madison Square Garden.... more

[Paperback] - $24.95
Ghost Towns and Historic Sites of Eureka, Lander, and White Pine Counties
Drawing on county records, newspaper microfilm, personal interviews, and on-site investigation, Hall provides the reader with a history of 175 significant sites, rendering a treasury of interesting facts on every page.... more

[Hardcover] - $29.95
The Rise of Santa Barbara's Wine Industry
In 1965, soil and climatic studies indicated that the Santa Ynez and Santa Maria valleys of Santa Barbara County, California, offered suitable conditions for growing high-quality wine grapes.... more

[Paperback] - $21.95
The Paiute Indian War of 1860, 30th Anniversary Edition
Sand in a Whirlwind is a dramatic account of the events surrounding hostilities between settlers and Pyramid Paiutes in the spring of 1860.... more