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[Paperback] - $16.00
Stories from Nevada's Back Country
Nevada's back country is a region of drought-parched sagebrush and snow-clogged winters, rugged ranchers and fiercely independent loners seeking solitude in remote canyons.... more

[Paperback] - $17.00
The indigo skies and lush vegetation of the contemporary West Coast belie the damaged souls and desperate alienation that lurk behind fading stucco walls and off the endless highways.... more

[Paperback] - $17.00
(a novel)
In 1929, Ruth Farley, a fiercely independent woman, homesteads a tract of land in a beautiful canyon in the Southern California desert.... more

[Paperback] - $21.95
Conversations on History and Literature
Wallace Stegner, a major American novelist and conservationist, is interviewed by Etulain, a renowned Western scholar, in a series of discussions.... more

[Paperback] - $17.00
A Novel
Leroy Upton, the "straight white male" who is the novel’s central character, has come a long way from the sun-baked working-class neighborhood in Bakersfield where he grew up.... more

[Paperback] - $18.00
A Rip-roaring Novel of the American West
A Spur Award Winner In this fast-paced, darkly comic tale of the Old West, Clay Benton, a trapper and trader, is cornered in a deadly Indian ambush and spared by his attackers only to be forced to undertake a most improbable mission.... more

[Paperback] - $14.00
Gary Short’s new collection is the work of a mature poet at the peak of his powers, confident of his ability to speak of human betrayal and the fragility of life without bitterness or cheap sentiment, to find poignancy in loss and exaltation in the outwardly mundane.... more

[Paperback] - $18.00
A Novel
For several generations, Katharine Haake’s family has been intimately linked with the landscape and history of far-northern California.... more