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Tracy A. Skopek is associate professor of political science and director of the Master of Public Administration Program at the University of Wyoming.... more
Scott Slovic is a professor of Literature and Environment at the University of Nevada, Reno. The author, editor, or coeditor of many books, his research specialties include American environmental literature, the relation between narrative discourse and environmental values, autobiography and environmental experience, and environmental rhetoric.... more
Anthony D. Smith is Professor of Ethnicity and Nationalism at the European Institute, London School of Economics.... more
Grant Horace Smith (1865-1944).... more
Christine Hill Smith is associate professor of humanities and communications at Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.... more
Mary Sojourner is a fiction writer, columnist, activist, and National Public Radio commentator. She is the author of six books and is a dedicated defender of the environment.... more
David Spanier, was one of the world's foremost writers on poker and gambling. His many books included Welcome to the Pleasuredome, Inside the Gambler's Mind, and Total Poker.... more
B. Abbott Sparks is the great-nephew of John Sparks, whose life is chronicled in Cattle in the Cold Desert. B. Abbott Sparks is a retired publishing executive, who continues to devote time to numerous and wide-ranging literary projects.... more